I have always had a tendency to sit back and acutely observe the world around me. As a physician this skill has served me well. By using the art of photography, I have been able to turn this tendency into an artistic form of expression. Using a camera and processing tools, I have been able to creatively capture the world as I see it.


I've had an interest in photography since childhood and at the age of 18 I bought my first serious camera. This interest continued through college and adulthood but it has taken on a new importance to me the past 10 years. As I began taking courses, attending workshops, learning new techniques and honing my skills, I have turned an interest into a passion. This has certainly helped refine my skills as I have had photographs accepted in juried shows and have been fortunate enough to have won awards. In 2011 I won a merit award in "Black & White Magazine" with images published in Special Issue 84 August 2011.


My initial photographic interests were nature and landscape. However, I've come to realize that natural beauty is not the only place to find interesting images. As I have begun to seek beauty in unexpected places, I am continually surprised by images that seem to be awaiting me. This has helped me refine my eye and redefine my definition of beauty.


From the early days, taking pictures was not enough for me. I always wanted more control of the creative process and the end result. When shooting film I did post processing in the dark room. While I found this rewarding, it was also messy and time consuming. With the advent of digital photography, I can now do post processing on a computer. I've taken courses and studied imaging software extensively. In the past several years I've added a new technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. This, more than anything, has opened my eyes to images I would not have considered before, such as old structures and urban graffiti. I print my images on high quality photographic printers and use archival materials for image longevity. These tools have provided me ways to further express my creativity and allow me to present images that more closely represent what I felt at the time I captured the image.